AccuRAID AR442X6 - 4U 42 Bay SATA / SAS to Dual SAS 6G RAID 60 Single Controller Rackmount

AccuRAID AR442X6 - 4U 42 Bay SATA / SAS to Dual SAS 6G RAID 60 Single Controller Rackmount
AccuRAID AR442X6 - 4U 42 Bay SATA / SAS to Dual SAS 6G RAID 60 Single Controller Rackmount
Item# ST-SAN-AR442X6

The AccuRAID AR442X6 series is a high density 4U rackmount designed for storage hungry applications, and accommodates up to 126TB of storage space. The unit utilizes latest 6G SAS interface when operating as direct attached storage (DAS). In addition, the dual channel SAS ports allow the support of clustering, where the unit could be accessed by two servers, ensuring continuous uptime in a production environment. Support both SAS and SATA drives (additional mux board required for redundant controller) with latest 3TB hard drives sizes supported.

To reinforce the AR442X6’s ability to overcome hardware failure, two redundant and hot-swappable power supplies and cooling fans are available for added safeguard. Single controller (AR442X6) or Active-Active redundant controllers (AR442X6R) options are available for further failure protection when needed. Internally, the AR442X6 supports up to RAID 60, with RAID monitoring, RAID notification, automatic failover, and automatic recovery. Build-in expansion port allow up to 2 additional JBOD unit (AS424X6 or AS424X6R for redundant controller) with up to 126 bays or 378TB. The unit’s built-in Ethernet port with web based management console and SES management features provide instant access to the status of the RAID array and the enclosure to reduce downtime.

Note: Sans Digital recommends the use of enterprise hard drives when in use with any RAID controller applications. Standard desktop or green desktop drive may not be supported and may compromise RAID system stability and performance. For more information on the difference between RAID and desktop hard drives, please see the Western Digital knowledge base. For a list of compatible RAID Edition SATA hard drives, please refer to the list below:

  • Seagate 500GB (ST3500514NS) 
  • Seagate 750GB (ST3750330NS) 
  • Seagate 1TB (ST31000524NS) 
  • Seagate 2TB (ST32000644NS)
  • Western Digital 500GB (WD5002ABYS)  
  • Western Digital 1TB (WD1002FBYS) 
  • Western Digital 2TB (WD2003FYYS)
  • Hitachi 500GB (0F11000)
  • Hitachi 1TB (0A39289) 
  • Hitachi 2TB (0F10452)
  • Hitachi 3TB (0F12456)
  • 4U 42-bay 126TB Fibre Channel system, expandable to 126 bays or 378TB with additional JBOD.
  • Optional Redundant Active / Active-Failover RAID controllers provides extra redundancy and availability (AR442X6R).
  • Complete modular designs on controllers, cooling fan and power supply to provide automatically failover and recovery.
  • Supports up to RAID 0,1,10 ,3, 5, 6, 30, 50, and 60. 
  • Supports servers / applications failover clustering by providing dual SAS ports to hosts
  • High density design leveraging low-cost / high-capacity SATA disks for storage hungry applications. A major element for SAN-sharing applications. (Additional mux board required for redundant controller.)
  • High performance SAS drives is support for performance intensive applicaions.
  • Maxmiun LUNs: up to 1024.
  • Online RAID expansion.
  • Support Global / Local hot spare and automatic hot rebuilding.
  • Optional battery backup.

 Model  AR442X6
 Form Factor  4U Rackmount
 HDD Trays  42 Hot-Swappable 3.5", expandable up to 126 bays
 RAID Level  0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6 , 30, 50, 60
 Maximum Capacity  126TB, expandable to 378TB
 Memory  1GB, Upgradable to 4GB DDR-2 ECC SD-RAM Memory
 Auto Rebuilding  Yes
 Hot-Spare  RAID 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50 and 60
 Host Interface & Transfer Rate  6G SAS
 Drive Interface  SAS or SATA (Additional mux board required for SATA drives with redundant controller)
 Cooling Fan  4 x Blower Fans
 Power Supply  1100W x 2 Redundant Power Supply Modules
 Control Interface  LCD Panel, RS232, RJ-45 Ethernet
 Status Indicators  1 LED/ HDD
 Dimension (in)  7"H x 19"W x 30.7"D
 Weight (lb)  100 (w/o hard drives)
 Limited Warranty  3 Years
Enterprise RAID Edition Hard Drive
 Model  AR442X6  AR442X642E  AR442X684E  AR442X6126E  AR442X6168E
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 SATA * 42
 SATA * 42
 SATA * 42
 SATA * 42
 Storage Size
 N/A  42TB  84TB  126TB  168TB

SAS Hard Drive Bundle
 Model  AR442X6  AR442X642S  AR442X684S  AR442X6126S  AR442X6168S
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 SAS * 42
 SAS * 42 
 SAS * 42 
 SAS * 42 
 Storage Size
 N/A  42TB  84TB  126TB  168TB

15K SAS Hard Drive Bundle
 Model  AR442X612K  AR442X625K
 Hard Drive  300GB SAS
 15K RPM * 42
 600GB SAS
 15K RPM * 42
 Total Storage Size  12.6TB  25.2TB