SANS DIGITAL ZFS Solutions NexentaStor Series Sans Digital ZFS solution NexentaStor series is a SAN/NAS unified storage appliance, build upon 128-bit file system. Sans Digital ZFS NexentaStor series provide simple deployment, yet deliver enterprise SAN and NAS unified storage feature in a affordable price point.

128-bit ZFS File System The power of the NexentaStor is provided by industry proven 128-bit ZFS file system. 128-bit ZFS file system support virtually unlimited storage capacity with support and ability to pay as you grow well beyond PB (petabyte) of storage capacity, while managed in single or multiple ZFSs Z-RAID array. Not only storage can be added via AccuSTOR or EliteSTOR JBOD expansion chassis, SATA, SAS, SSD and system memory work together as a hybrid storage pool for optimal performance. This hybrid storage pool provides auto data tiering, automatically manage the hot and cold data in the storage pool.

Feature-rich, Pay-As-You-Growth, Unified Storage System The unified storage supports NFS and CIFS for shared data, NAS environment as well as iSCSI and Fibre Channel target for enterprise SAN deployment. Virtual environments, such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen are supported. Build-in gigabit Ethernet port and optional 10Gbit Ethernet or 8G Fibre Channel ensure performance can be delivery to your IT environments. Featuring in-line de-duplication, thin provisioning, data mirroring, unlimited snapshots, folder/ block based replication and high availability clustering, Sans Digital ZFS Nexenta series provides feature-rich unified scalable storage solutions.